** Phoenix Financial, is a former RIA (Registered Investment Advisory) firm with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Presently structured as a Sole Proprietorship with the Commonwealth, the firm is in the process of restructuring as a Limited Liability Corporation.

Phoenix Financial

Phoenix Financial

The below handout is one provided by FINRA as part of its Investor Alert series. The brochure illustrates some of the differences between Mutual Fund Share Classes.

FINRA stands for Financial Regulatory Authority.  It is an independent agency authorized by Congress to oversee and regulate the Securities Industry.

For more information, visit FINRA's website:



  • Not Real-Time
  • Limited Options


  • Diversification
  • Professional $ Management

Mutual Fund investing has been an enormously popular & common way for individuals to save for decades.

That being said, just because they're popular doesn't mean they're necessarily appropriate for everyone.

As with any investment, they contain features and benefits that can be viewed as both positive and negative.

And as with any investment, a great deal of Due Diligence should be performed when selecting a fund.

To the right is a very basic illustration identifying the typical mutual fund relationship.  The Investor, Advisor, and potential underlying investments are presented in a flow-chart fashion.

Mutual Funds

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